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Chemical Labels

Chemical Right-to-Know, HazMat and Hazardous Waste Labels have never been more important. Every day, over one million people handle hazardous chemicals in their workplaces. Every year, almost 5% of workers suffer chemical exposures that cause temporary symptoms, permanent injury, debilitating illness, or, even, death.
  • • To protect workers from such exposures, we offer the web’s largest array of easy-to-understand and complete HazCom labels – all with web-best prices, superior durability and compliant designs.
  • • HazCom and HazMat labels are only as good as the training. Here, we offer a range of sign keys, labeling guides and other training materials.
  • • For more information, visit our - Chemical Labels FAQs
Free GHS Labels
Print your own! Choose either a predesigned GHS label for the most common chemicals or design your own label online. Download a PDF for free and then print the labels yourself. Label designs are compatible with commonly available Avery label templates.
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GHS Signs
Print Free GHS Labels
Find 100’s of stock signs and easily customizable templates. Sizes from 5” to 24”.
Custom NFPA Labels
Design your own NFPA label. Our online wizard makes it easy to fill in a template, proof your label and send it to the factory for professional printing.
Easy Custom HMIG Labels
Easy Custom HMIG Labels
Get your Custom HMIG Label here! It is easier to read, more durable and, surprisingly, quite affordable.

Featured Chemical Labels

  • Pre-printed GHS labels make it easy to comply.
  • Widest range of NFPA labels online.
  • Easy to complete and understand.
  • We make it easy to customize your Chemical Labels.
  • Best prices online.
  • Approved label materials.
  • Meets IMDG, International Air Transport & ICAO rules.
  • Labels pop right out.
  • As low as 2¢ per label!
  • Several template designs to pick from.
  • All kinds of labels, tags & signs.
  • Easy to peel & apply, 100 labels/roll.
  • Durable drum-grade labels – at best pricing.
  • 130+ preprinted label designs.
  • Popular sizes 2”x3” & 3”x2” available.
  • Add important chemical info, select name & ratings.
  • State specific templates available.
  • Completely customizable to suit requirements.
  • Self-laminating tags.
  • Front and back printing.
  • Pre-peeled, ready-to-go labels.
  • Available in two types of clips.
  • 3 ring binders in 1.5” & 3” thickness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to design a Custom GHS label?


All Custom GHS Label templates can be found under the category ‘Custom Labels’ on this page. You can build your own GHS label using a suitable template. Click on the GHS pictograms that you need on the label. Add a chemical name, a signal word like Danger, and a hazard statement. Enter text in the fields - Prevention, Response, Storage, and Disposal can be customized.

You can increase or decrease the letter height with two buttons next to the customization boxes.

On the final page, after material and quantity selection, you can check the box, “Yes, I’d like your professional artists to tweak my design at no extra charges" just in case you are not satisfied with your design. You can also send any special instructions about your order in this step.

Q. How do Self-laminating HMIS tags work?


Self-laminating HMIS tags have a writable surface that accepts writing from a pen, pencil, or marker. After filling the respective fields, the tags can be protected with a 2 mil thick, clear-polyester flap that seals the writing. To use the flap, remove the adhesive liner and press down on the tag’s surface. This protects the writing from rain, weather, and vandals. Tags are reinforced with a metal eyelet for tear resistance when attached to a container using wires and plastic ties.

Q. How many labels are there in a chemical safety label dispenser box?


We have different packs for different products. Our chemical label dispenser boxes contain 250, 500, or 750 labels depending on the label size. You can check the pack size above the ‘Add To Cart’ button on individual product pages.

The product line is called “Grab-a-Label" in which the labels are placed on a roll. You can take one label at a time without making a mess that’s usual with long rolls of labels. The next available label easily separates from the liner on its own and is ready for application.

Q. What is meant by high tack adhesive used on polyester chemical labels?


High tack adhesive is a pressure-sensitive adhesive with a high initial tack (stickiness) and high ultimate adhesion. Tack is the property of materials that allows them to adhere to a surface immediately upon contact. Polyester Chemical Labels are supplied with a 1.8 mil thick, high tack adhesive that sticks well to a wide range of surfaces immediately on contact, and this is twice as thick as other adhesives. The high-tack adhesive creates an immediate solid bond between a label and a substrate that strengthens into a strong permanent bond that will not allow the label to be removed.

Q. What accessories are available for SDS display and organization?


SDS Binders: Helps you keep Safety Data Sheets organized in a hard, polyethylene cover binder. A 36" long chain keeps the binder attached to your racks.

SDS Stations: Opt for simple wire racks or a wire rack with a wall-mount RTK sign. Both come with SDS binders.

SDS Storage Cabinets: These are steel cabinets with mounting holes to hold SDS binders.

SDS Station Stands: Plastic stand has three-ring binder hardware for holding SDSs. Choose between wall-mount tabletop style and Podium style stations.

Basket Style RTK Centers: These information centers come with a printed aluminum board with mounting holes, SDS binder, and wire rack to store the binder.

Pocket Style RTK Centers: Include a scratch-resistant and powder-coated finish board made of sturdy 63 mil aluminum, SDS binder, training manuals, and pocket to store the binder and manuals.

Check out all these products in detail here


Q. What are your shipping rates and time of delivery?


We have a Shipping Cost Estimator on the cart page that will show you the estimated shipping charges once you enter your zip code. Free shipping on orders worth $39.95 and free UPS/Expedited 2nd day delivery on all qualified orders above $100. Stock products are shipped the same day. Many customers place their order on a Monday and find the package at their doorsteps on Wednesday.