Magnetic Chemical Labels - RTK and MSDS Signs

Magnetic Chemical Labels save you the hassle of installation - they easily stick to steel or metal surfaces. Mention chemical contents with these bold, self-adhesive RTK labels. Give hazard ratings through NFPA Diamond or HMIS pre-printed on the labels. These write-on labels help your staff keep track of the chemicals and their quantities stored in cabinets or other storage units in your facility.

• Standard size of labels is 15" x 12".

• Labels stick to any steel cabinet and can be easily removed without sticky residue.

• Include blank spaces for identifying up to six chemicals and their quantities.

Handy Cabinet Signs
Handy Cabinet Signs
Magnetic – sticks to metal cabinets. Can be taken off when storage changes. For split doors, cut signs in half.

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NFR Safety Cabinet Contents Sign
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Nfr Safety Cabinet Contents
HMIG Cabinet Contents Sign
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Hmig Cabinet Contents Sign

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