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DOT HazMat Labels

DOT HazMat Labels help you meet the requirements in 49CFR for P.O.P. ("Performance Oriented Packaging") labeling of hazardous material shipments. This labeling must be retained on the packaging until it is sufficiently cleaned of residue and purged of vapors.
  • DOT HazMat Labels have been designed in conformity to the DOT labeling specifications.
  • • Supplied with permanent acrylic adhesive, labels stick easily to drums, boxes, and other containers.
  • • Labels stay intact and are resistant to scratch and scruff. You never have to worry about labels falling off or the prints fading away.
  • • You can choose economical paper labels or vinyl labels to suit different budgets.
  • • Choose from nine different classes of HazMat labels below to mark appropriate hazardous materials.
HazMat Placards
Our DOT hazmat class placards feature the industry’s smoothest snag-free flip system.
Guide to HazMat Labeling
Guide to HazMat Labeling
Follow an easy tutorial on what labels you need for your HazMat drum. How do you determine which label to use? What DOT HazMat symbol label to use?
Hazardous Waste Labels
Hazardous Waste Labels
Find the web's largest selection of Hazardous Waste labels – all at guaranteed Web Best Pricing. Customize and order your HazWaste label online, in just seconds. Also find low cost roll labels.
HazCom Labels
HazCom Labels
Select from hundreds of pre-printed NFPA and other HazCom Chemical Labels. These labels have describe possible hazards as well as handling, spill and safety procedures. Find both stock HazCom labels and easily customizable templates.
GHS Labels
GHS Labels
Comply with with 2012 Globally Harmonized System requirements for HazCom labels. Find the best prices online for durable paper or vinyl GHS labels.

Customer Reviews

Man User Icon
Jun 18, 2020

Paper HazMat Label : Explosive Blank
Part #:DOT-1157 4" x 4" Paper Labels   Verified Purchase

Explosive blank!

Great subsidiary risk labels, even for decorating. Well-made and adheres great. Worth the price too.
Man User Icon
Oct 10, 2017

Paper HazMat Label : Explosive 1.4C
Part #:DOT-1165 4" x 4" Paper Labels   Verified Purchase

Good Product

Good product, arrived on time.