Misc Dangerous Goods Vinyl DOT HazMat Label 4
Part# LB-D495-V500
Size 4" x 4" (H x W)
Color Black
Package 500 Labels/Roll
Material Vinyl Label on a Roll [QC-EV-ROLL]

Vinyl DOT HazMat Label 4 

Misc Dangerous Goods

Package : 500 Labels/Roll • Price per Roll
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Roll
1 2 5 10 20
$45.22 $31.89 $29.53 $29.29 $28.24
Quantity :
Package : 500 Labels/Roll
[ Roll = Labels total]
Product Description
Our DOT labels are compliant with DOT's Performance Oriented Packaging standards.

• Labels are printed with lightfast ink and are scuff resistant.

• Labels stick to boxes, shelving, plastic drums, and other containers.

• To keep your labels handy and neat, order a dispenser too.

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