Symbol Only ISO Labels – A Guide

Symbol Only Labels
Learn about what type of Symbol Only Label to use. The shape and color of the symbol is way to distinguish the type hazard or hazard instruction. The consistent and uniform meaning associated with these shapes and colors are defined by ISO 3864 and ISO 7010. With an increasingly multi-lingual workforce and concerns about the reading level of too many workers, Symbol Only labels have become ever more important. Let’s learn about each of the common Symbol Only shapes and types.

ISO Warning Labels

Electrical Shock Hazard Label Watch Your Fingers Pinch Point Label Do Not Lift Heavy Object Label
"What is the Hazard?" Using a symbol inside of a yellow triangle, Warning Label Symbols warn of hazards that could result in personal injury or a threat to health.

ISO Mandatory Action Labels

Disconnect Label Machine Guard Label Two Man Lift Label
"How Do I Avoid the Hazard?" Use these labels to describe how to stay safe – and prevent injury. Labels use a blue circle with a white symbol.

ISO Prohibition Labels

Lockout Label Do Not Remove Guard Label Tilted Loading Dock Warning
"What Shouldn't I Do?" These red circle-slash circular labels show behavior that is prohibited because it would result in an immediate or potential risk of personal injury and/or threat to health. Just stop it!
Symbols can be both powerful as well as confusing. Immediate. Simple warning label symbols can be used to reinforce your warning message – and can fit into tight spaces. But, symbols must often be learned. Click below to learn more about how to select an effective warning label symbol.