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ISO Prohibited Actions Labels

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) symbols communicate crucial safety messages that can overcome lack of language fluency and the difficulty of fully understanding a warning using text. These ISO Prohibited Action Stickers are based simple and direct symbols to immediately relay important health and safety information.
  • • ISO Prohibition feature a red ring with a diagonal black slash bar – all on a circle.
  • • Labels are used for behavior that is prohibited because it would result in an immediate or potential risk of personal injury and/or threat to health.
  • • All labels feature an aggressive adhesive. Choose from a range of materials – from paper to durable and laminated vinyl. Labels adhere to most clean surfaces including curved surfaces.
  • • Choose from a range of sizes to stick labels to both large and small surfaces.
Prohibition Signs
With sizes from 6” to 18” in diameter, these large signs are hard to ignore. Aluminum signs last 10+ years outside.

ISO Prohibited Actions Labels

Labels are available in 0.5” to 4” diameter circles. Mouse over each label to see the proper meaning for the symbol.
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No Smoking
No Open Flame
No Fire Or Open Flame
Do Not Extinguish With Water
Do Not Eat Drink Or Smoke
No Food Or Drink
No Drugs No Marijuana Leaf
Do Not Step
No Unauthorized Access
Do Not Obstruct
Do Not Stand Here
General Prohibition
Do Not Lift With Hook / No Lift Point
Do Not Operate With Guard Removed
Do Not Operate With Guard Removed / Gears Beneath
No Pacemaker Wearers
No Activated Phones
Keep Off Cell Phones
No Texting
No Photography
Burn Hazard/Hot Surface Underneath
Hot Surface Do Not Touch
Do Not Touch
Do Not Touch Electric Hazard
Electric Shock
Thunderstorm And Lightning
No Drinking
No Drinking Water
No Spitting
No Pedestrians
No Forklifts/Industrial Vehicles
No Guns Permitted
No Weapons Allowed
No Weapons And Drugs
No Knife Allowed
No Ignition
No Metal Or Watches
Do Not Remove Plug
No Liquid Near Plug
Do Not Turn Off Switch
Do Not Turn Off Switch
Do Not Turn On Switch
Pinch Point Gear Entanglement
Rotating Blade Keep Hands Clear
Pinch Point Hand Entanglement
No Dumping
Do Not Switch
Do Not Reach Into
No Thongs Sandals Or Open Toed Footwear
No Exit
Do Not Enter Confined Space
Confined Space
Confined Space Do Not Enter
No Dog Allowed
No Dog Poop
No Eating Or Drinking

Customer Reviews

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May 04, 2023

ISO Prohibition Safety Label : ISO Rotating Blade Keep Hands...
Part #:LB-2214 1.5" x 1.5" Vinyl (with heavy adhesive)   Verified Purchase

Five Stars

Arrived promptly and is a good quality print
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Apr 27, 2023

ISO Switching Off Prohibition... : ISO Do Not Turn Off Switch Symbol
Part #:LB-2186 1" x 1" High Tack Polyester (best adhesive)   Verified Purchase

Colorful Labels

Colorful Labels, easy to place
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Oct 27, 2020

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Worked Great

Worked Great! Thanks!
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Aug 21, 2020

ISO Prohibition Safety Label : ISO No Dog Allowed Symbol
Part #:LB-2193 4" x 4" Laminated White Vinyl Labels   Verified Purchase

Great for Glass Doors

These are perfect for placing on the doors of public buildings. And I am grateful I didn't have to make a custom sticker.