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Voltage Marker Labels, Large: 4160 Volts, Large (2-1/4in. x 9in.) (LB-0739-A) Learn More...

Part# LB-0739-A
Shape Horizontal
Contents 1 Marker per Card, 5 Card minimum

Product Description

Use these markers to identify power lines, conduit, bus way, fuse boxes, switches, electrical equipment and outlets.

  • These markers are printed on 4 mil thick vinyl with heavy permanent acrylic adhesive backing.
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    Label has 5+ years outdoor durability. Great water resistance.Printing or lamination resists attack by chemicals and water.Can conform to a curved surface. 230ºFFeb 26
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    • Permanent, industrial-grade-adhesive bonds to the most difficult surfaces and shapes.
    • Screen printed graphics.
    • Lasts up to five years outdoors.
    • Good conformability. Can be used for most curved or even irregular surfaces.
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