RTK Color Bar Fill Health, Flammability, Reactivity Label
Part# LB-R498-4-P100
Size 4" x 4" (H x W)
Color Black, Blue, Red, Yellow
Package 100 Labels/Roll
Material Matte Paper Label with Permanent Adhesive [QC-PA]

Paper Chemical Labels 4in. x 4in. (100 Labels) 

RTK HMIS Color Bar Labels - Write Own Health, Flammability, Reactivity And Personal Protection

Package : 100 Labels/Roll • Price per Roll
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Roll
1 2 10 25 50
$14.66 $14.55 $13.84 $13.13 $12.40
Quantity :
Package : 100 Labels/Roll
[ Roll = Labels total]
Product Description
Use a bold, recognizable Hazardous Identificaion Guide for safety and organization. Our Labels outlast the competition.

• These Self-adhesive HMIG Labels identify chemicals with standard hazard ratings from for health, flammability and reactivity.

• There are alphabetical designations for required personal protective equipment.

• There are 100 labels per roll.

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