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RF Warning Labels for Radio Frequency Hazards

Radio Frequency Warning Labels or RF Labels effectively warn about the hazards of RF exposure i.e. frequency ranging from 3 kilohertz (kHz) - 300 Megahertz (MHz). Radiofrequency (RF) radiation may be absorbed throughout the body and at high intensities, the radiation will damage tissue through heating. These labels are ideal for facilities manufacturing cell phones, radio emitters, heat sealers, induction heaters, communication transmitters, ion implant equipment, and many others where electromagnetic radiation is produced.
  • • Posting RF Warning Labels for radio frequency hazards helps strengthen your radiation safety program.
  • • ANSI Labels effectively warn against RF Voltage.

Radio Frequency Warning Labels

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Rf Power Disconnect Power Before Servicing
1.5"x3" to 5"x10"
Rf Voltage Hazard Contact With Internal Rf Source Can Cause Burns And/Or Electric Shock
Rf Voltage Hazard 13.56 Mhz. Disconnect And Lock-Out Power Before Removing Cover
Radio Frequency Energy Can Cause Injury Or Burns Do Not Operate This Equipment With The Covers Output Cable & Interlock Cover Removed Refer Installation To A Qualified Electrician
1.5"x3" to 5"x10"
Rf Microwave Energy Controlled Area Contact______ Before Entering
3.5"x5" to 10"x14"
Radio Frequency Transmitters In Use Beyond This Point Obey All Posted Signs And Information For Working In Radio Frequency Environments In Accordance With Federal Communications Commission Rules On Radio Frequency Emissions - 47 Cfr Subpart H Part 22
3.5"x5" to 10"x14"
No Activated Phones
0.5"x0.5" to 18"x18"