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Lithium Battery Safety Document: This Package Contains Lithium Metal Cells or Batteries Contained in Equipment (LB-4002) Learn More...

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Part# LB-4002
Color Black on White
Shape Horizontal

Product Description

Both US DOT HMR and ICAO TI have mandated a document accompanying a shipment showing that the package contains lithium metal cells or batteries and that special procedures must be followed if the package is damaged. These labels have an adhesive which can be applied directly to the package. They also have a perforation between each label to make them easy to seperate from the roll and include inside the the package.

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  • 2.25" x 4"
  • Standard: Paper Labels
  • Semi-Gloss Paper Labels
Semi-Gloss Paper Labels
6 mil Permanent adhesive creates a strong bond with the surface. to 160ºF May 18
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  • Semi-gloss paper label stock has a permanent adhesive backing.
  • Flexographically printed.
  • The semi-gloss label material is not easily receptive to pencil or pen marks. But, the semi-gloss label material is writable with a permanent pen.
  • Paper labels are recommended for indoor use and limited outdoor use.
  • Labels have a 54# peel-off liner and are perforated in between each label. Perforation makes it easy to separate one or many labels from the roll for distribution.
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Size:2.25" x 4"
Material:Semi-Gloss Paper Labels
250 Labels/Roll
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Per Roll
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