Keep Hands Away Arrow Label
Part# LB-2477
Size 2" x 4" (H x W)
Color Black and Red
Package 5 Labels/Pack
Material Adhesive Vinyl Signs and Labels [BZ-EU-Q5]
Printing Digital

Danger Arrow Label 

Keep Hands Away From Rollers

Package : 5 Labels/Pack • Price per Pack
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Pack
1 3 5 20 40
$8.95 $7.45 $7.25 $6.95 $5.45
Quantity :
Package : 5 Labels/Pack
[ Pack = Labels total]
Product Description
Warn workers about roller hazards with these arrow labels.
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Danger Keep Hands Away Label

Danger Keep Hands Away Label

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Danger: Keep Hands Away Rollers Label

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