Part# LB-0293-Box
Size 1.25" x 3" Labels in 4" x 4" Grab-a-Label Box
Color Black, Orange and Yellow
Package 250 Labels/Box
Material Polyolefin Film [QC-PF-L]
Printing Flexography Printing What is this?

Grab-a-Labels in Dispenser Box Warning Safety Labels 

ISO Burn Hazard, Hot Surface Inside, Allow To Cool Before Servicing Label

Package : 250 Labels/Box • Price per Box
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Box
1 2 3 5 10 25 50
$59.31 $57.68 $55.83 $54.41 $52.23 $50.60 $48.74
Quantity :
Package : 250 Labels/Box
[ Box = Labels total]
Product Description
Our ISO Burn Hazard, Hot Surface Inside, Allow To Cool Before Servicing Labels are crafted with attention to detail - from layout and color to the artwork and size - we give you the tools to keep your workplace accident-free! Smaller and more versatile than a sign, labels are an important part of giving comprehensive attention to safety. Available in rolls of 250 with a convenient label dispenser. Extremely durable handy label dispenser box goes where you need it. Polyolefin is waterproof, tear resistant, grease resistant, and endures shifts or changes in temperature. The laminate protects against scuffs, acids, chemicals and oils.
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