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OSHA Danger Label: High Voltage 4160 Volts (LB-2583) Learn More...

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Part# LB-2583
SPN# 4P79
Colors Red and Black
Shape Horizontal

Product Description

In the past, workers have died after contacting energized 4160 volt power lines. Make sure another such accident doesn't happen in your facility. Use this OSHA Danger Label to issue safety warning.

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  • 2" x "3"
  • High Tack Laminated Poly (best adhesive)
High Tack Laminated Poly (best adhesive)
Sign lasts 2+ years outside. Printing or lamination resists attack by chemicals and water. HiTack 302ºF Jan 28
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  • Designed to stick to oily, greasy or irregular surfaces. Our best adhesive for LSE plastics.
  • Use on machinery, doors, IT equipment, concrete.
  • Made from 2 mils polyester and a 1 mils gloss polyester laminate.
  • High tack 1.8 mils adhesive sticks well to a wide range of surfaces immediately on contact. Over time the bond increases (for ex., the stickiness doubles on fabric after 10 days).
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Size:2" x "3"
Material:High Tack Laminated Poly (best adhesive)
4 Labels/Pack
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