Hazardous Waste Labels: A Quick Guide

1. Preprinted Labels Save Time
A Hazardous Waste label often requires the completion of ten or more fields. Filling each out by hand can take over 10 minutes for a typical job of labeling 10 drums. By using preprinted labels, you can cut this time dramatically, especially when data can be recalled from a prior project. And, you avoid a problem with handwriting that, at times, is not completely legible.
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2. Labels Should Be Durable
Given the potential for danger, it only makes sense to use the most durable label possible. Paper labels are less resistant to water, sun and chemicals than vinyl or polyester labels.
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3. Use a Permanent Pen
Many "permanent pens" are anything but! Ball point pens can be even worse, especially in the rain and sun. Use pens or pencils with proven durability.
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4. Add Arrows
Make sure that your shipment is not mishandled.
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5. Clean the Surface
Labels stick best on a clean, dry surface. If possible, we recommend using a cleaning the drum. Remove oils. Rough up the surface slightly.
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6. Become familiar with the Latest Regulations.
Make sure to keep abreast of recent changes in Federal and State regulations. Our guide to labeling is also another useful source.
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