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Flammable Material Labels

Make sure that you mark places where flammable materials are located. Labels make it easy to provide an on-the-spot warning. Don't let accidents happen because people are unprepared!
  • • Warning, Danger, Caution - and more! Find a huge selection of stock and custom flammable material labels at unbeatable prices.
  • • Labels are made using laminated vinyl and recycled paper. Both materials are backed by strong adhesive, sticking labels to any clean, flat or curved surface without falling out. Paper labels are also writable.
  • • This page lists many of our best-selling labels. But, we have hundreds of Flammable and Explosive Materials Labels. Also, browse through our No Smoking signs and labels. Click on the links to explore more labels and signs.
Custom Safety Labels
A custom safety label has a big impact - it is targeted to address your specific concerns and the hazards of your environment.

Flammable Material Labels

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Diesel Fuel No Smoking
1.5"x3" to 5"x10"
Diesel Fuel Only
3.5"x5" to 10"x14"
2"x3" to 10"x14"
No Smoking
2"x3" to 10"x14"
No Smoking / No Fumar
3.5"x5" to 10"x14"
Hydrogen Flammable Gas No Smoking Or Open Flames
1.5"x3" to 5"x10"
Diesel Fuel
1.5"x3" to 5"x10"
Do Not Leave Pump Unattended
1.5"x3" to 5"x10"
Flammable Burning Gases And Liquids Cause Severe Burns Keep Ignition Sources Away From Print Head
1.5"x3" to 5"x10"
0.875" Labels
Flammable Liquid

Customer Reviews

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Jun 03, 2020

OSHA Caution Sign : Flammable
Part #:S-1856 7" x 10" Adhesive Polyester Labels   Verified Purchase

Great Service!

Very pleased
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Aug 15, 2019

Chemical Notice Label : Diesel Fuel Only With Exclamation...
Part #:LB-1910 2" x 4" Laminated Polyester with SuperStick adhesive   Verified Purchase

Good stuff

We have ordered these before and have always been satisfied.
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Jan 29, 2019

Grab-a-Label Paper DOT HazMat... : Flammable Liquid (with DOT Hazard...
Part #:LB-D487-P750 0.875" x 0.875" Matte Paper Label with Permanent Adhesive Grab-a-Label Dispenser Box   Verified Purchase

Flammable labels

Great and easy to use.
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Aug 30, 2017

OSHA Danger Label : Flammable
Part #:LB-2559 3.5" x 5" Laminated White Vinyl Labels   Verified Purchase

quality product

Good quality at a good price