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Lithium Battery Shipping Label: Hazard Class 9 Lithium Battery (LB-4010) Learn More...

Part# LB-4010
Color Black on White
Shape Square

Product Description

Our Class 9 Lithium Batteries Labels meet the most up to date DOT, ICAO and IATA labeling requirements for shipping lithium batteries. Our paper labels allow for an economic and efficient option for shipping you packages safely.

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    6 milPermanent adhesive creates a strong bond with the 160ºFFeb 25
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    • Semi-gloss paper label stock has a permanent adhesive backing.
    • Flexographically printed.
    • The semi-gloss label material is not easily receptive to pencil or pen marks. But, the semi-gloss label material is writable with a permanent pen.
    • Paper labels are recommended for indoor use and limited outdoor use.
    • Labels have a 54# peel-off liner.
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