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Biohazard Tags

Permanently mark Biohazard containers or bags with a durable plastic tag.
  • • Biohazard tags feature a no-pull-out eyelet or grommet and a wide range of sizes.
  • • Mini-tags are ideal for smaller containers. The 3.375” x 5.875” tags provide a larger writing service and remain the most popular.
  • • Our 30 mil thick tag can be reused. It also uses a 2-part super-strong grommet.
Biohazard HazMat Stickers
Choose Biohazard shipping stickers to ship potentially dangerous materials and comply with state and federal law.

Printed Biohazard Tags

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Hazard Identity

Other Tags Used for Biohazard Warnings

3" Circular Blank Tag
3" diameter
3¼” x 6” Blank Tag
3.25" x 6"
Blank Numbered Tag With Stub And String
5.75" x 2.875" (h x w)
Blank Tag With Devil's Tail