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ANSI Caution Labels

Caution labels can be placed just at the right spot. They are your last defense against unsafe practices. Our range of ANSI Caution Labels encompasses a comprehensive inventory suited to warn workers. We also offer our customers the options to create their own safety labels while maintaining the ANSI approved design for warning labels and signs.
  • • Caution labels are used for hazardous situations that, if not avoided, could result in minor or moderate injury.
  • • Labels can be applied to curved surfaces. Unlike competitors, our labels use rounded corners – not lower cost square corners. Rounded corners resist flagging over time.
Custom Caution Labels
Customize your Label!

ANSI Caution Labels - Best Selling

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Pinch Point Hazard Keep Hands Clear
1.5"x4.5" to 2.75"x8.25"
Do Not Step Or Stand On This Surface
1.5"x3" to 5"x10"
Keep Hands And Fingers Clear
1.5"x3" to 2.75"x5.5"
Eye Protection Required
1.5"x3" to 5"x10"
Heavy Object Two Person Lift Required
1.5"x3" to 5"x10"
Hot Surface Do Not Touch To Avoid Possible Skin Burns Disconnect And Lockout Power And Allow Surface To Cool Before Servicing
1.5"x3" to 5"x10"
Pinch Point Moving Parts Below Keep Hands Clear
1.5"x3" to 5"x10"
Laser Radiation Do Not Stare Into Beam Class Ii Laser Product
1.5"x3" to 5"x10"
Low Headroom Watch Your Head
1.5"x3" to 2.75"x5.5"
Low Overhead Clearance Watch Your Head Accident May Cause Serious Injury
1.5"x3" to 2.75"x5.5"
Low Headroom Injury May Result
1.5"x3" to 2.75"x5.5"
Pinch Point Hazard Keep Hands Clear
1.5"x3" to 5"x10"

Customer Reviews

Woman User Icon
Jun 28, 2023

ANSI Caution Label : Avoid Sharp Edges (with Hand...
Part #:LB-2285 5" x 10" Adhesive Polyester Labels   Verified Purchase


great quality and quick delivery
Man User Icon
Nov 09, 2022

ANSI Caution Rear View Mirror Label : Pull In Or Out On Green Only
Part #:LB-2295 24" x 12" Heavy-Duty Aluminum Sign, 80 mil   Verified Purchase

Excellent Service

Signs arrived in a timely manner. Packaged very well. Very pleased with purchase.
Man User Icon
Oct 08, 2021

ANSI Caution Safety Label : Pressurized Device, Release Air...
Part #:LB-0260 1.5" x 3" Vinyl (with heavy adhesive)   Verified Purchase

Safety lable

Just what we were looking for
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Sep 21, 2020

ANSI Caution Safety Label : Low Overhead Clearance Watch Your...
Part #:LB-2837 2.5" x 5" Vinyl (with heavy adhesive)   Verified Purchase

Obstrution over head

it was the right size and the information on was perfect to let one know about the over head obstruction.
Man User Icon
Jul 29, 2020

ANSI Caution Label : Moving And Rotating Equipment...
Part #:LB-2420 1.5" x 3" High Tack Polyester (best adhesive)   Verified Purchase

Worked Great

Labels worked great.