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ANSI Z535.4 and ISO 3864-2 Warning (Triangle) Safety Label: Pinch Point/Hand Entanglement Symbol (LB-0374) Learn More...

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Part# LB-0374
Shape Triangle

Product Description

ISO 3864-2 Warning Hazard Safety Labels are a clear, understandable way to communicate your safety message. These Internationally recognized symbols are the definitive way to post a safety message without words - as defined by ANSI Z535.4 and ISO 3864-2. Make safety a priority with an on-the-spot reminder, because labels can be placed exactly where they are needed.

  • Our Labels are available in several different materials, giving you the power to balance between your needs for cost-effectiveness and durability. A range of size options gives you freedom to place these labels in any type of setting, as well, from on a machine itself to on a wall or on a product.
  • Safety comes first when you use a label - labels make it easy to talk about safety often.
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  • 0.75" x "0.84"
  • Laminated Vinyl (standard adhesive)
  • High Tack Laminated Poly (best adhesive)
  • Paper Labels (recycled)
  • Vinyl Labels
  • High Tack Poly (best adhesive)
Paper Labels (recycled)
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ID cards are receptive to permanent pens or markers. 160ºF Jan 29
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  • Paper, made from recycled materials.
  • Matte surface, common on wine bottles and office reminders.
  • Use for temporary, dry, indoor applications.
  • Digitally printed in full color, and FSC certified.
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Size:0.75" x "0.84"
Material:Paper Labels (recycled)
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