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Right-to-Know Chemical Label: Methylene Chloride (LB-1584-086) Learn More...

Part# LB-1584-086
Color Black on Yellow
Shape Square

Product Description

A Methylene Chloride chemical label will help prevent an avoidable and unnecessary accident. Nothing works better to increase safety than a Methylene Chloride label.

  • Chemical Labels are available in paper to help you balance your cost-quality label needs.
  • Paper labels are economical but contain a permanent adhesive and are great for indoor use.
  • Labels make handling chemicals safe.
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    Lasts 5+ years outside.Printing or lamination resists attack by chemicals and water.Can conform to a curved surface. Permanent adhesive creates a strong bond with the surface.160ºFNov 25
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    • Durable, 4 mil thick vinyl.
    • Laminated for durability.
    • Write on labels with a marker.
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    ID cards are receptive to permanent pens or markers. 160ºFNov 25
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    • Paper, made from recycled materials.
    • Matte surface, common on wine bottles and office reminders.
    • Use for temporary, dry, indoor applications.
    • Digitally printed in full color, and FSC certified.
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    Sign lasts 2+ years outside.Good chemical resistance. Permanent adhesive creates a strong bond with the surface.160ºFNov 25
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    • Durable 4 mil thick vinyl.
    • Adhere to curved, smooth, or irregular surfaces.
    • Labels are die-cut and sold on cards, sheets or singles.
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    Label should last up to 2 years outside. Testing is recommended. Good chemical resistance. HiTack302°FNov 22
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    • 2 mil thick white polyester with matte finish.
    • Waterproof. Machine washable for fabrics.
    • Digitally printed for vivid colors on designs or logos.
    • Use indoors or outdoors.
    • 2 mils thick adhesive sticks to all surfarces (even carpets).
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    Permanent adhesive creates a strong bond with the surface.160ºFNov 26
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    • Affordable, recycled paper facestock.
    • Matte surface, with 89% brightness.
    • FSC-certified papers.
    • Digitally printed.
    • Indoor or limited outdoor use.
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