Free GHS Labels

Free GHS Labels
It’s easy to comply with GHS label rules. Find premade GHS labels for over 20 common chemicals. Or, choose a custom template and easily create your own GHS label designs.

• Custom and premade templates come in several handy sizes, from 2” to 10” tall.

• Once you’ve made your selection, you can then download a PDF. Print the labels on your own printer using standard Avery 6876, 5168 or 5163 templates. Buy stationery from most office supply stores. For extra durability, ask for our vinyl blank labels that are designed specifically for harsh chemical and lab environments.

Blank Laser Printable Label Sheets
Blank Laser Printable Label Sheets
Label stationery matches our GHS chemical label templates. These blank laser label sheets use a durable vinyl with a qualified “drum” adhesive that is superior to standard Avery materials.

Customize Your GHS Label and Print for Free

We offer more GHS templates, including those that highlight the PPE to use and the potential Target Organ effects. Click here to see more GHS labels templates with downloadable PDF’s.
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It's easy to create your own GHS labels!
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Design your own GHS label!
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Popular Preprinted GHS Labels – Download PDF’s for Free

Some of our most common chemicals and their GHS labels are shown below. Each can be downloaded for free, as a PDF. Then print them yourself. We offer free GHS labels for many other chemicals. Click here to find other chemicals.
 Free Acetone Labels
 Free Diesel Fuel Oil Labels
 Free Ethanol Labels
 Free Gasoline Labels
 Free Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid Labels
 Free Isopropanol Labels
 Free Methanol labels
 Free Propane Labels
 Free Sodium Hydroxide
 Free Sulfuric Acid Labels